Monday, November 7, 2016

the small drawings

These artworks are informed by the following books and poems;between shades of gray and salt to the the sea, by Ruta Sepetys, about the genocide in Lithuania during World War Two,and the book, the beautiful forevers, by Katherine Boo, about poverty in India and the poems, Strange Fruit sung by Nina Simone and My Mother's Dreams  by John Gruzolwski and The Orphan's Take by Pam Jenoff and girl in pieces by Kathleen Glasgow.
They are 6" x 8",oil pastel,chalk pastel,acrylic paint ,string,felt,burlap..
The titles of the drawings are words taken directly from the books.

in that blanket of red#1

in that blanket of red#2

in that blanket of red#3

Saturday, November 5, 2016

These are small collages,sizes 5"x7",mixed media on illustration board/canvas,sand,string,acrylic and oil paint,sand,wool,ink.These are informed by the book by Kathleen Glasgow,the girl in pieces

 the sky is milky with clouds,5"x7"

turning them inside out,5"x7"

black memories,5"x7"

I am so very empty inside,5"x7"

I have a whole world missing,5"x7"

I was momentarily blinded by the whiteness,5"x7"

like salt against the sky,5"x7"

this wonderful silence you can hear,5"x7"

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

These are small collages,5"x7" on canvas using the following: Discarded drawings and papers,string,yarn,wool,felt,acrylic and oil paint,they are informed by the poem/song Strange Fruit.

 strange fruit #2,5"x7"

strange fruit #3,5"x7"

white blindness,5"x7"

there was much filth in the air,5"x 7"

strange fruit#4

strange fruit#5

strange fruit #1

those words turn to stone

I see a terrible cloud of sadness

strange fruit #2

strange fruit#8

strange fruit #51

as the world grew darker

Saturday, July 30, 2016

These are small drawings on paper with oil pastels,oil sticks,chalk pastels informed by the book by Katherine Boo ,the beautiful forevers.

into a stillness within,5"x7"

we rest with our eyes open,5"x7"

the air felt thick,15"x7"

most everything girl,5"x7"

she says the yellow girl is gone,5"x7"

in that winter of hope#1

in that winter of hope#4

in that winter of hope#10

in that winter of hope#2

in that winter of hope#3

in that winter of hope#6

in that winter of hope#7

in that winter of hope#9